Welcome to VIZIANAGARAM Municipality

  Brief about the Municipality and Loation:
Vizianagaram is selection grade Municipality spread in an extent of 29.27 sq.km having a population of 1,74,651 as per 2001 census. This town is the head quarters of the district and is situated at 830-24’-30’’ longitude. The town is connected with Chennai- Howrah Railway line and N.H.43 ie., Rajapulova to Raipur road passes through this town. This town has geographical proximity with Orissa and Chattisgarh states and the town is situated 50km away from Harbour town Visakhapatnam and 28 km away from the sea coast.

Archeological excavations in this region have unearthed the remains of the Vizianagaram town which were estimated to belong 900 B.C. This fact has been substantiated by the excavation of copper coins belonging to this period in the references made in “INDICA” written by Megasthenes, the Greek Ambassador to India in 302 B.C.

Further there were other references as this area was ruled in succession by Sathavahana, Chalukya, Vengi, Ganga and Gajapthi’s. During the dynasty of Gajapathi’s started from year 1800, the town has gained historical and cultural prominences. The Pusapati’s were instrumental in promoting education and various forms of art from Music, and Dance to Poetry. The Vizianagaram kings encouraged social reforms for up-liftment of downtrodden. Education was given more prominence by the later kings of the dynasty.

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