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Brief Environmental Status of NANDYAL:

Nandyal Town has tropical Town with minimum temperature of 14O C and maximum temperature of 45O c the annual average rainfall in the NANDYAL is 70 cm. There are 5 major industries like Milk Dairy’s, Nandi Polymers, SPY Agro Pvt., Ltd, Nandi Steels are functioning in Nandyal Town due to which there is a pollution in terms of Noise, Air and Water Pollution. For which remedial measures have to be initiated in order to arrest the above pollutions to improve the quality of life of people.

The environmental infrastructure in the slums is very poor and most slums lack basic civic amenities like proper roads, drainage, protected water supply, streetlights and toilets facilities. Studies show that the most common disease prevalent in slums include gastro enteritis, malaria, diarrhea, nalnutrition, ringworm etc. To overcome these health problems the Corporation runs maternity hospitals and urban health centers. There is need to strengthen health infrastructure.

Historical Growth:
Mahanandi is one of the Most important Pilgrim Place within the distance of 15 Kms from Nandyal Town and the name of Nandiyala is called Nandyal due to location of NAVANANDI’s in the surrounding of areas of the Nandyal Town and Mahanandi is also famous Nandi in Navanandi’s. The Pilgrims who are to be visited to Srisilam will be visit to Mahanandi. There are so many Oil Factorys are located in Nandyal Town and One Sugar Factory was established very nearer to Nandyal Town. The Nallamala Forest is also passing very nearer to Nandyal Town.

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